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Any women not less than sixteen (16) years of age, being practicing Roman Catholic, who is Irish or of Irish descent through either parent, or who is legally adopted, or who is the wife or mother of a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America, Inc, or the mother of a member of the Junior Division, shall be eligible for membership in this organization. Any woman possessing the above qualifications may be submitted to membership with all the rights and privileges. If you wish further information on membership please click here.

Membership Activities

Divisions meet once a month. Each Division elects their own officers under the rules of our Order. Members pay dues to their Division. Each division determines their own dues amount. In N.Y.S. we have approximately 67 Divisions located in 29 different Counties. Members are expected to attend meetings and be active in their Divisions; and to support and participate in their County, State, and National Board’s activities.

Members are involved in a wide variety of activities and events. St. Brigid is our patron Saint, our Divisions celebrate this day with Masses, luncheons, dinners, charity service in her honor. Our Divisions are involved in numerous charity activities including food banks, clothing drives, visiting the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals, assisting our religious orders, raising money for worthy causes. Our Organization holds a National Irish Writing Contest for Junior and High School students each year. Our members participate in parades
including the world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Fifth Ave in Manhattan. Part of our mission is to promote our Irish culture, we do this by displaying exhibits and lecturing on Irish history, and supporting groups who are working toward preserving our rich history.

We are not a political organization, we do not endorse candidates. However our members are involved in the legislator process. Our members and our Organization as a whole support legislation that supports issues related to peace in Ireland, freedom for all the Irish people, and our beliefs as Catholics.

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