A Woman’s Prayer

Make us, O God, spirit-filled women..women of prayer..women of vitality..women of vision..women of courage..risk-taking women.

Fill us with your love..a love which affirms..a love which calls forth..a love which challenges..a love which frees. Grant us your gift of Godliness..a reverence for you. Instill in our hearts the spirit of holy Joy..the joy that sanctifies..the joy that gives..the joy of one who loves..the joy that imparts to others the spirit born of self-control.

Make us Peace-seeking women..instruments of your peace..directed by your Wisdom, bridge builders..working with others for justice to bring about true peace. Give us Patience..a strong patience which enables us to trust and to keep heart in the face of disappointments, frustrations and failures.

Plant deep within our attitudes your kindness..make us women who are open and friendly..women of hospitality..women who image our people friendly God. Impart to us your spirit of Goodness..Make us women who believe in the good of the other..who speak the good to each other and about each other..who do good for one another..Bestow on us your gift of knowledge that we may know you who are the source of all good. Root us in your Fidelity..a fidelity that keeps us true to you..walking in integrity in your presence..Mold us into faithful women..women who are true to ourselves..true to others..true to life and all creation.

Form us into women who follow your Counsel in all things, who uphold true values and the rights of all people. Make us, O God, Spirit filled Irish women, trusting you and one another as we move into this 21st Century.


Sr. Peggy Flaherty, CDP

Late Pennsylvania State Chaplain, LAOH